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Full life index

For many of the concepts that we use everyday - like truth, morality, ethics, health, even adequate nourishment, there are definitions. It turns out, however, that on the question what is "Full life" is difficult to find a unified definition. All we talk about fact that we want to live fully, complaining that we do not, or vice versa - we publish that achieve it, but do not define clearly what is contained in the concept. That is why we consulted the collective opinion of the Bulgarians.

Even after we produced the study, carried out analyzes and created the formula for the Index of Full life, we continued to seek views - including outside the country, to find out what is it like Full life. The most we liked the definition of a teenager overseas, who shortly before the start of project preparation wrote: “A full life is completing everything you dreamed of, helping others do what they dreamed of, experiencing life to the fullest, and never being on your deathbed with regrets. It's leaving the world a little better than you found it”.

And it seems most closely resembles the essence of the concept, as it is found in the thought of the Bulgarians. A Full life is a collective and concentrated image of satisfaction with life in general, the physical wellbeing, of shared joy in family life and in communicating with other people, success on a personal level and a professional level, of spending time on hobbies and recreation, learning and development, setting goals and achieving them. But a Full life includes not only objective criteria and indicators, important point here is the sense of an individual to fully living.

While looking for a "formula" for a Full life, to measure it empirically with a single number (coefficient), we ranked in the key areas of quality of life related to meaningful living. To live fully supposed to answer seven indicators - health, recreation, relationships, money, career, education, goals which (taken together) contain a set of a total of 82 indicators. Finding their level of importance of each of these categories gives very interesting information that serves for further calculation of the Index of Full life on aggregate level - expressed with a single number.

Full living excites people and survey data categorically prove it. Four factors have come to the fore as the most important for achieving full existence: financial resources; social environment and relationships with people; goals, confidence and satisfaction; health.

At the same time examining the importance of particular factors, we observe a very high degree of conversion to others, thinking of others, that demonstrates Bulgarians.