Our principal areas

We say what we see

Automobile products

Regular large-scale studies are conducted, representative for the people using cars and for the companies in the country concerning the use of cars and of the principal automobile products.


These studies, conducted twice a year among individuals using cars, focus on the actual number of cars moving in Bulgaria; the characteristics of the car park, the trends in the changed ratio between cars bought new and second-hand; the market positions of the different car makes; evaluation of their qualities; attitudes to buying cars during the next period; the main factors for choosing a particular car.

Fuels and petrol stations

The package of studies presents separately the segments of the small-scale consumers (individuals) and corporate customers. In both segments the information is on the preferred chains of petrol stations, the extent to which they are used, evaluation of their qualities, motives for use and effectiveness of advertising.

Engine oils

This package of studies follows the ACEA classification and the segmenting of the market in them is into: vehicles with heavily loaded diesel engines, vehicles with lightly loaded diesel engines, and vehicles with petrol engines. The studies cover both individuals using cars and companies that are owners of machines using engine oils: transport (cargo and passenger), construction, agricultural, industrial, distribution, mines, quarries, etc.