Our principal areas

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Financial institutions

We conduct regular studies and prepare analyses on the markets of banks, insurance and leasing companies, pension and other funds.

The principal distinguishing features of our products for the markets of the banks and insurance companies are:

  • Strict differentiation between the retail and the corporate segments, the studies and analyses being made in successive months for the two segments (twice a year) so as to trace clearly the positioning of the different banks as a whole;
  • The actual marketing studies are unambiguously focused on the financial behaviour of the individuals and of the companies, and are not part of studies covering all kinds of themes; the strict specialisation applied by us makes it possible to obtain information of extremely high quality and big volume;
  • The reports submitted do not contain only data in graphic or tabular form, they analyse in detail every point in the study, using for comparison also data from the previous two or three years, which makes it possible to explain much more accurately some of the processes taking place, and not merely to take a snapshot of the current moment;
  • It is absolutely mandatory to present every point in comparison with the two previous periods with a view to tracing the registered tendencies in greater detail;
  • Our long experience in the sphere of the markets of the financial institutions in cooperation with our customers has resulted in the fact that the reports that we are drafting are customised so as to meet the needs of the concrete directorates or managements in such a way that they would be able to use certain parts of the analyses directly, and each report is accompanied by a management summary for the needs of the top management;
  • It is a practice of our Consultancy House to make presentations once or twice a year upon customer's request, during which we report our observations on the most important points containing serious changes in the financial behaviour of the individuals and the companies;
  • In view of the serious share of the research on the impact of advertising in these studies, as well as our specific research on the audiences of the media, we are in a position to compare the customer target-groups with the audiences of the media and with the extent of the impact of the individual communication carriers, which allows us to participate, upon request, in drafting extremely precise media plans and strategies.