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CAPIspace - Web-based platform

CAPIspace - Web-based platform

Web-based platform for online data entry is designed for all companies, performing surveys through direct personal interviews (CAPI) or as "Mystery Shopper" type, retailers, investigating customer satisfaction; companies that create databases of chosen by them indicators on observations of goods or retail outlets, etc.). The platform allows this to be done online, in real time through the use of mobile communication devices (tablets, smartphones): it is enough to connect to the platform and the data is immediately entered into the centralized database.

With a user-friendly interface, any user can create their own questions and indicators for their project. It is possible to create users with different access rights to the platform: from field workers who only collect and transfer information to experts who can work with the obtained database. Created database is exported in format that can then be analysed by the user with various software products: from specialized statistical packages to office applications.