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An additional option in the marketing surveys is the novel methodology for calculation of the Brand Marketing Power Coefficient, developed by Progress consult in the last 15 years, and available at the present moment.

This methodology allows for measuring the marketing power of the company/brand in comparison with the marketing power of its competitors. The value of this Coefficient shows direct and unambiguous correlation with the real market share of the company/brand. The composite Coefficient comprises constituent modules which, when separately analyzed, give even more detailed information about the strengths and the weak points of the company and the competitors.

The modules represent those concrete features of the positioning of the company/brand in consumers' mind and behaviour, which – among the numerous marketing indicators, directly determine the marketing power of the company/brand. Their structure builds the construction that effectively establishes a company/brand in the respective market sector. The long term of preparation of the methodology allowed of the identification of exactly those most important elements that have crucial significance for the positioning of the company/brand. In addition to the composite Brand Marketing Power Coefficient, the analyses within this methodology present the relations between the constituent elements - communication efficiency, customers' loyalty, ability of the company/brand to meet their demands and necessities, etc. This allows to highlight with high precision the weak points and the advantages of the company/brand in comparison to its rivals.

The principal result of this methodology is that all important companies/brands in a given market sector are placed in the coordinate system of the sector according to the Brand Marketing Power Coefficient, they have achieved to the moment, and according to their share of customers. Thus, every company/brand can compare with the leader and/or the rest of the competitors.

The reliability of the methodology allows in the long term - with repeated analyses within subsequent surveys, to follow the dynamics in the development of the commensurate, as well as the accomplishments and the downsides of the company/brand and its competitors in each one of the modules constituting the composite Coefficient.