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IMS (Interactive Measurement System)

In some cases a very quick survey with guarantees for the anonymity of respondents is required. When a need arises for a quick feed-back, or the right decision should be made fast, our system IMS and its specialized software come in handy.

IMS (Interactive Measurement System) is designed for surveys of the type of group discussions. It, however, allows discussions in larger groups of respondents – up to 30 respondents in one session. The speed and anonymity are ensured by the fact that each respondent has his or her own response device linked by a cordless connection to the main panel of the system. As no respondent is influenced by the others' answers, some shortcomings of the traditional group discussions are avoided. The answers are immediately processed by the system and by the time all questions are completed, they are ready to be presented by indicators and even grouped (by sex, age or another).


Consumer surveys

Particularly efficient with:

  • Testing a product;
  • Testing a company image or brand;
  • Testing of motives and factors for consumer behaviour;
  • Testing versions of a TV commercial;
  • Testing a story board for a TV commercial;
  • Testing slogans for an advertising campaign;
  • Testing versions of print advertising materials, packaging and others.

In addition to the usual surveys, a huge advantage of the system is its unique capacity to do continuous testing of commercials or other observable events during which the respondent react positively or negatively to everything they see. The system allows measuring the viewers' attitude every second. The results are ready the moment the commercial ends and are shown on a DVD where the graph of the viewers' attitude is presented by the second on the backdrop of the commercial being tested.

Surveys among company employees

Many companies want to ask their staff of their attitudes in order to get an idea of the stability of their organization. A problem with the standard surveys is that employees often withhold their real opinion out of fear of being recognized, regardless of the declarations of confidentiality of the survey. IMS eliminates this significant shortcoming because every employee can be sure that he or she would remain unrecognisable in the answers: he would be "hidden" behind the response device even answering the most sensitive questions. Thanks to the high speed of the system, it is possible to do a survey in a company of 200 employees in a single day.

Surveys for HR recruitment purposes

IMS is an efficient tool for some aspects in the work of head-hunters. Where such a company needs to do initial tests with the candidates for certain positions, instead of wasting all the time doing the test separately with each candidate, groups could be formed where all candidates can do the initial tests simultaneously. This shortens the testing procedure by far.

Surveys of response to TV shows

For the needs of TV channels or TV shows, the system can be used in the same way as with testing a commercial. Viewers of a TV show can be asked to assess it on a recording or on-line. This is made possible by the huge capacity of the system which allows surveys for events lasting up to 3 hours.